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AERC Announcement on Cellular Shades

  On April 5, 2023, The Attachments Energy Rating Council (AERC) announced the Minnesota Technical Reference Manual’s acceptance of AERC-certified...

Making the Case for Saving Money with Triple Pane Windows

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is suggesting triple-pane windows conserve energy, reduce noise, and lower home energy bills now that they are getting...

EPA’s Doug Anderson Talks ENERGY STAR® at FGIA Annual Conference

Everyone knows the window is the weak part of the home, and we need to do better......
Why Glazing Matters

Why Glazing Matters

Christine Williamson is the Director of Building Science & Education at Acelab and the founder of Building Science Fight Club (BSFC). In this video, she explains while we tend to think of a building’s energy efficiency almost entirely in terms of how well insulated it is, the most important factor influencing energy use is not insulation, but glazing ratio (how much of the enclosure is opaque versus glazed).

Manufacturers Weigh In On Why Windows Matter

Manufacturers Weigh In On Why Windows Matter

Manufacturers see the market swinging in the direction of energy efficiency and want to ensure they offer what is in demand, especially if they already have products that could fit into that market and invest in its development.

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Windows Key to Increased Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Achieving Clean Energy Economy

Windows are a critical element of any building, and inefficient ones can negatively impact a building’s comfort, energy bills, and carbon footprint. 

Video Case Study: Secondary Windows Rejuvenate Aging Office Building

With tenant comfort a top priority, Hurley Development committed to finding a solution to solve thermal leakage…

Triple Glazing and Embodied Energy: Yes, the Juice is Worth the Squeeze

There are a number of considerations with moving to triple glazing including cost, manufacturing changes…

Discarded Energy Invention from 1990s Makes a Comeback

Improved windows have vast potential to help the U.S. achieve its goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions…

Addressing the Hole in the Wall

 U.S. Department of Energy Storm Window And Insulating Panel (SWIP) Campaign. This presentation was delivered during NHPC ‘22in Nashville…

Windows and Storm Windows

Windows and storm windows that earn the ENERGY STAR label meet performance criteria…

How Windows Can Remake the Power Grid

Building envelopes are expected to last the life of the building, making it especially important to design them right at the beginning…

Massachusetts Startup Sees Path to More Efficient Windows with New Material

A new material developed in Massachusetts could someday help make super-efficient windows more affordable…

Understanding R-Value

When Improving Wall Performance, Pursue a Strategy of “Proportional Development.” 

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